Patricia Kendall

Interim Executive Director
Board Chair

Doug Grant


Thomas Morse


Rafah Templeton

Mobility Manager



 Name E-mail Address Affiliation
 William Bolton wbolton@live.com
Patricia Kendall prkendall7@gmail.com MSW, PACC Board, Past Ch. Bridge House Board & GCRCC Chair
Doug Grant dgrant116@gmail.com NCC Director, NCC TAC Chair, NAMI NH Board & PARC
Rhonda Bishop  creativenail@aol.com Past Plymouth Planning Board & Drug Counselor
Michael Dunn dunndad71@gmail.com TC Volunteer Driver & Community Member
Susan Karsten susankarsten22@gmail.com TC Volunteer Driver & Community Member

Our Mission

The mission of Transport Central is to plan, develop and provide transportation services for Plymouth and 18 surrounding communities. We are working with the NH State Coordinating Council for Public Transportation and our Regional Coordinating Council in establishing these services.

From the Beginning...

Transport Central (TC) started as a discussion among community members decrying the inability of some to get to hospital appointments. From these simple beginnings and many many discussions came today's TC. In 2006 TC was incorporated. It's members continued to hold discussions on the issues surrounding various aspects of local transportation in an area that had no public transportation. The following year 2007, tax-exempt status (501c3) was obtained from the IRS.

In 2008 TC organized a day long Grafton County Transportation Summit at PSU with over 140 participants including state and human service agencies, community officials and individuals. The summit was also shown on local TV.

During 2009 and 2010 TC received a US FTA/NH DOT transportation-planning grant in conjunction with North Country Council. The planning study, performed by the nationally known transportation consultants Nelson\Nygaard, included a survey sent to 14,000 households, and resulted in a 120-page report presented to 175 community residents in Plymouth Regional Senior Center as well as on local TV. The report was incorporated as part of the North Country Council's Coordination Plan.

The study contained many findings and suggestions, but the most immediate one was that TC apply for 5317 grant to hire a Mobility Manager and a 5310 grant to support volunteer drivers transporting elderly and disabled individuals to medical appointments and other necessities. While obtaining the 5317 grant, TC obtained letters of support from area towns, local and regional human service agencies, and the three regional [planning commissions whose catchment areas are part of TC's target area.

In FY 2012 TC received a US FTA/NH DOT 5317 grant to hire a Mobility Manager, and during the same year a US FTA/NH DOT 5310 grant to support volunteer drivers was obtained. Similar grants were obtained in FY 2013 and in all subsequent years.

In essence, the 5317 grant pays for administrative expenses and the 5310 grant provides reimbursement for our volunteer drivers, based on the number of miles they drive. Our passengers are limited to those who have no means of transporting themselves and no transportation insurance, such as Medicaid. Grants and donations provide additional support for program development and required matching funds.

The Plymouth Youth Center was kind enough to provide TC with part-time office space when rides started being provided in July 2012. In 2014 TC moved to Whole Village, where United Way generously provides ample office space as well as access to other human service providers. TC continues to be very grateful to Whole Village and United Way!

In FY 2015, we provided 71,800 miles of volunteer transportation to patients, and FY 2016 128,460 miles, an increase of almost 60%. In FY 2017, we drove 1704,516 miles which represented a further increase of 80%.