What is a Roadeo?

The Indiana Para transit ROADEO is an event that takes place annually, giving drivers from all  around the state the opportunity to compete and show off their skills. The ROADEO recognizes  driver strengths and promotes the importance of day-to-day public service and professionalism.

The annual Roadeo was held on March 30, 2019 at the Columbus Municipal Airport. A hug THANK YOU goes out to the City of Columbus for their on-going support of this annual event by providing the cones, barrels, wheelchairs, tables, chairs, and other essential material. Without our sponsors the Roadeo simply would not be possible so please contact the RTAP offices if you are interested in being a sponsor, and support community transportation in Indiana. The Corporate Sponsors for the 2019 Roadeo include: DeKalb County COA, Dave's Automotive, Braun,  AMF Bruns of America, Q'Straint, Tesco, Midwest Transit, Newton Co. Community Services, and Franklin Muffler, and Brakes & More. 

Please keep in mind and realize the significance of the annual Roadeo for transportation in Indiana! This event is about honoring drivers, training drivers, motivating drivers and bringing recognition and attention to your drivers, your transportation program and transportation in Indiana. It is not all about competing and winning. It is about taking pride in a passion we all share. Plan now to be apart of this years annual Roadeo!

2019 Roadeo Results  There was only 54 points between third and first place making this once again a very tight competition. Start preparing now for next years Roadeo and to unseat the 2018 champions. 


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