INCOST is the Indiana Council on Specialized Transportation. An association of transportation professionals working  together to promote safe and efficient transportation services to people with special needs. Formed in 1986, INCOST is an  association of transportation providers, and was incorporated in 1995 as a 501c3 Not for Profit. There are currently 70  member with a 16 member Board of Directors. All geographic regions have equal representation on the Board. Board  members are elected for a term of two years and can be subject to re-election for an additional two years.


Advocating for increased financial support for specialized transportation at the local, state and national levels. Increasing  public awareness for the need for and benefits of specialized transportation. Promoting the highest standards of service  delivery now and in the future.

Membership is open to all Indiana agencies and organizations interested in specialized transportation including:

  • Public Agencies Private Nonprofit For Profit Providers
  • Rehab Facilitates Advocacy Groups
  • Direct Transit Providers Service Funding
  • Service Contractors SPECIAL EVENTS!

Annual Statewide Conference:

 Each fall, INCOST sponsors a two day gathering. Nationally recognized speakers  provide professional transportation manager training. Check back for the 2019 conference dates and information.

Para transit ROADEO:

 A day long celebration of driver skills and dedication. Contestants prove their ability to  maneuver an obstacle course, assist passengers with special needs, perform pre-trip inspections and complete a written test. The winner of the state ROADEO receives a trophy and a chance to compete in the Community Transportation Associations of America's (CTAA) National Para transit ROADEO.

Training: Workshops and seminars are held periodically covering a wide range of "hot topics": Driver training, vehicle  maintenance., liability insurance, funding sources, creative service delivery, and management techniques.

If you are interested in finding out more about INCOST, email Jacque Kauffman

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